What is Love

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Although many people fell in line to follow the dictates of man, God always had a few faithful servants who refused to settle for anything less than that one true love all men, women, and children seek. To some, the search is life itself. They will not be satisfied with imitations or substitutes. They live to find that peace that brings all understanding. A peace that cannot be explained with mere words, but must be experienced, shared, and returned to its original source in Heaven. A love the world writes about, fantasizes about, dreams of, but seldom finds. The love Solomon wrote about, waiting right outside the door that leads beyond man made walls into a world not build by human hands, but one that waits for the day sin will be destroyed, and love will sit upon a new throne in this world.

There was a reason God had Solomon write about that love. A man of royalty who experienced more in life than any man could dream of, almost missed the one true love sent from Heaven. Solomon fell for a thousand deceptive loves from this world. Combined, they could never be a substitute, replacement, or parallel for true love from Heaven. How do people miss that love?

People say and believe true love is free. It is free, but not cheap. People claim God is the source of unconditional love, but place their own conditions, rules, laws, and restrictions upon it. People insist God showers His love upon this planet like it is rain, but don’t understand, if rain doesn’t return to the sky it came from, this world would soon die.

Love must be returned. People do receive and experience God’s love everyday, but like the rain, if that love is not returned, how can it fall and refresh again and again? The heart is more like a mirror reflecting God’s love, returning the love it receives, and shares it. The heart feels that love, and shares it with the entire body, all the way to the outside. The skin, face, hands, feet, eyes, all of God’s body, created in His image was designed to accept that love placed in the heart, experience it, feel its warmth, and express it by freely sharing it.

The heart is not like some mystical chamber designed to accumulate more and more of God’s love without ever releasing it. The heart is not like some super computer collecting more and more data until there is so much, no one could ever find time to review all of it. The heart constantly beats at a steady, predetermined rate. Love is not to be stored, hung onto, then shared whenever it seems convenient. Love freely flows through the body at a constant rate, or the body suffers and dies.

How do we find that one true love from Heaven, or do we already have it? Is that why this world needs trials? We pay little attention to the life giving blood inside our bodies until we are wounded. The site of blood raises fears, concerns, and requires immediate attention. The loss of too much blood causes death. Deep inside the bones God placed little factories designed to produce life giving blood. God used a bone to illustrate the need to share love, produce love, and how that production and sharing result in something new, different, distinct, and beautiful. God took a bone from Adam and made the perfect mate from the internal structure that produces life, filling the heart, making it useful, spreading warmth throughout the body. A warmth meant to be shared.

What happens to a heart that is not allowed to share the love God places inside of it? We know how God is always trying to reach everyone in this world. God showers every heart with love everyday. What happens when the cares of this world stop the heart from pumping that love throughout the entire body, and that love is not reflected back to God? The heart breaks. The heart ceases to beat, and becomes hard. Too hard to accept any more love, until it is repaired.