Dennis Close upEver sit through a sermon, walk out the door, and forget what you heard? That happened all the time with me. Then after years of study, I discovered something. Nothing new, but something people used and wrote about over 150 years ago. God’s entire Bible is written in a sequence of stories arranged so everyone is able to memorize large portions of scripture. When you learn how those stories are linked together, you’ll find yourself remembering much more. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself remembering 40-80% of the Bible well enough to make God’s Word your witness.

Learning how parables in the four Gospels is the key to understanding. When Jesus told His disciples they would one day be able to understand all scripture, He began teaching them how the Bible was inspired and written as a series of stories containing spiritual lessons. Once you learn to understand how those stories are related, you’ll find your understanding increase to levels you never imagined.

The series on Matthew is a collection of short stories arranged to make them not only come alive, but places the reader in an intimate relationship with the people Jesus met and ministered to. This series is great for children as well as adults and will make those stories come alive by painting a vivid picture in words.

The series on Mark is a little different. This series combines stories with actual lessons. The first book outlines and highlights lessons Jesus taught to His disciples after He promised to show them how to understand all scripture. It is not a book with a step by step process outlined for the reader, but a collection of methods Jesus used to teach His disciples. The second book in that series explains how Jesus taught using a series of parables. This book explains how those parables are connected. Once you see the consistent sequence, you can use it anywhere in the Bible to draw out more information than you ever imagined, and remember more of scripture then you though was possible.

The Book on Luke is for the serious Bible student who feels they have to learn how to study scripture. This book includes a clear list of the rules of context Luke used to write his book, and shows the reader where and how Luke applied those rules. This is not like a text book at all, but uses actual scripture to show the rules of context and how the author applied them to his inspired style of writing.

The series on John goes beyond the book on Luke in the aspect of showing how God’s Spirit worked during Jesus’ ministry, inspired Him, as well as preparing people Jesus was scheduled to meet that day. If your a witness, or want to learn to become an effective witness, this is the book you’ll need.

Prophecies Fulfilled is a series of books containing over 160 of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled. This book shows how God recorded a fulfillment for each prophecy written. This book will forever remove the guess work in prophecy. This is the only series of books you’ll find that covers the prophecies Jesus fulfilled and explains how you can locate the recorded fulfillment, and check to make sure it is the correct fulfillment. After reading this series of books, you’ll never fall for another guess at any prophecy. You will know how to test the prophets with God’s Word.

I usually don’t like to look into prophecy, nor debate prophecy. But while writing about the prophecies Jesus fulfilled, it became evident the Bible explains exactly how to study scripture, prophecies included. There is a series of steps to follow and a basic knowledge of context is required. That’s my ministry and what my books are about, showing people how to study on their own. All you need to know is a few basic rules of context like key words, introduction, summations, and how to use a Concordance. The rest builds upon those simple steps.