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We’re supposed to be looking for visions of Heaven to understand what Heaven is, what it looks like, where God lives, and what we hope see to one day. The most important characteristic of Heaven the Book of Revelation gives us is an understanding of Heaven’s point of view we miss when attention is focused on this world. That leads us to the mistake a lot of philosophers make. They take a book like Revelation, then mold it into a view the world understands, and the majority of people agree with. They can’t grasp onto the fact, this book and message is from Heaven, thereby giving us a view from Heaven’s perspective.

This simple book takes the view of Heaven recorded by John and explains one vital detail no one should have ever missed. John was the only eyewitnesses to see the entire book of Revelation revealed in visions shown in Heaven. Whenever John saw one of those visions, he was confused. Each time an angel or other being came to John to explain what he just saw. In simple terms, those events showed us, every being in Heaven understood each and every one of those symbols. Angels in Heaven watched Satan grow from a serpent in Eden to a dragon in the last days. Where do we go to interpret those symbols? There is no other place other than Heaven. Interpretations based on this world have been wrong for centuries. One interpretation after another has failed. An interpretation from Heaven has never failed.

TTS Rev Front Cover

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This book shows how Revelation is arranged to teach every man, woman, and child how to study this book and every book in scripture. The first few chapters are laid out to show a simple Bible Study rule. To understand any subject, symbol, person, place, or thing, collect all the information recorded on the subject at hand. In other words, God recorded the Bible to explain itself. God didn’t leave out any of the information. Every detail we need to understand the subject at hand was recorded by John, or one of the earlier prophets. There are only two sources of information in this Universe, Heaven, and this world. Where do the popular philosophers gather their information from? News media. Is the news person the new prophet the world is waiting for? Where is the concrete proof new interpretations are based on the Bible and only God’s Word? This book shows how simple it is and always has been to stay within the Bible to find answers. John, the real prophet from God was taken to Heaven, shown visions, had those visions explained in Heaven, then recorded exactly what he was told to record. John explained every detail of where he was, who and what he saw, and who explained each detail. John told us the only reliable source to find the truth we have been searching for. The world takes that information, and like the first sin committed by Eve, tries to rely on a greater degree of understanding the devil promised to Eve. Not information or facts from Heaven, but ideas and concepts hatched by a snake in a tree. We face that same decision every time we open the Bible. Do we rely on the visions John witnessed in Heaven, or do we rely on this world to fill in supposedly missing pieces?

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