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Introduction to MGW

I’m not marketing God. I’m not marketing Jesus. I’m not marketing the Bible, or my books. I am marketing, that is, attempting to tell the world about the personal relationship I’ve been able to develop with God and Jesus as the Holy Spirit brings out details in His Holy, Inspired WORD.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you, that has been an up hill struggle. There are two sides to that coin. Many Christians have been taught to think, God left this world ages ago, and they are on their own to solve problems. Or God solves problems for you, but no longer speaks to the people He calls His own. The other side of the coin is people who already heard God’s voice, know His directions and lessons. They don’t need my books. They already have the greatest Teacher in the Universe, and they know how to listen to Him.

What keeps me going? I write about the relationship I have with Jesus. When I sit and write, I am at His throne. Not in this world, but at the feet of our Creator. During that time, I’m shown connections in the Bible. Many of those connections have been written about one or two hundred years ago, but now they have new bearings on this world, and the direction it is heading. So I sit and write, like a secretary serving Jesus, in the hope, there are a few people who are wise enough to know, the beginning of wisdom is found in a new direction. Not any direction from this world, but the wisdom from Heaven.

If you have no idea how many stories the Bible has about people who have been to God’s throne, what they saw, heard, and learned, maybe its time you read about those stories in scripture, not from any human point of view, but a view from Heaven.

This is a simple website set up to provide a sample of stories and studies found in a series of books I’ve written. All my books are based on the Bible. Some are simple stories sharing the Bible in a way few have considered before. Semi-fictional stories are blended with real life experiences to bring out characters in a unique way. Other books are a combination of stories that teach you how to study scripture on a deeper level. Some books are dedicated to teaching a number of Bible Study methods. Every style of Bible Study is illustrated within scripture, providing examples that you can apply to other parts of the Bible.

I strive to explain each step by step process in simple, easy to understand instructions. Lessons are often repeated, explained in a number of different ways, making it easier to Dennis 6remember, copy, and use in your own studies.

Books are available from a number of publishers and suppliers in both eBook and Print formats. Downloadable eBooks are of course in FULL COLOR, making it easier to see and understand some of the study methods. Print books are in black and white, due to the cost full color books. Searching titles and author name, Dennis Herman, on Amazon and other websites may be the best way to buy your own complete books. I added direct links to Amazon on the book pictures in all my stories.

CLICK the book Pictures in the stories to link to the book in Amazon. All books are available in Print and as eBooks.

Downloadable eBooks can be copied and pasted in sections. You can print your own color pages to study, share, and follow along in your own studies. This will allow you to share full color copies of studies.

I use e-Sword, a free Bible program to study. I will post links and features focusing on tips to use E-Sword.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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If you happen to be from a country that does not allow you to upload eBooks, or shipping on print books is too expensive, hit the CONTACT ME, send a message, and I can email you copies of eBooks for free. I understand that nations who try the hardest to block such material have people who need it most.

You can receive a 10% discount on all my books on CreateSpace, the publisher’s website. This page has the discount code and list of books with quick, direct links.


A Note on Book Clubs

As an author, I’ve been looking into some of these book clubs popping up all over the Internet, and how they work. Some book clubs offer free books for a limited time. Some book clubs take the original file and convert it so you have to use their book reading apps or programs. It may not seem like a big deal, but there are draw backs. Once you join, you’re bombarded with advertising as usual. That is the tip of the iceberg. Later you find out, you have to pay for other features to use on their exclusive file format. Features you get for free when using the standardized ePUB format.

Book clubs offering free books for a limited time give you the chance to look at a book before buying an eBook, which is great when you can read it in a month or so. The original ePUB format allows people to copy and paste sections of books, which is important, and one of the major features I hope people will use with my books.

Getting paid as an author from some of those book clubs is another issue. The book club gets paid in advance when they charge monthly fees. When it comes time to pay publishing companies and authors, it takes months. And most times, funds are lost in the process.

After a month, you may be charged for the price of the book. Some book clubs wait a month before sales move from one part of their accounting system to another. Then it takes another month to send out payments to publishers, who may take a week or two before funds are credited to authors. It may take 4-5 months between the time buyers download the book and the author sees a sale.

Book clubs also tend to give away books. They may charge you the buyer a fee, but their accounting process credits the author with a sale at $0. Their system is supposed to credit the publisher once fees are collected, but that seldom happens. Computer errors they call it. But the book club still makes money, the authors suffer.

Once I figured out that system, I took actions to offer links to my books directly from the publisher in the standardized ePUB format, easy to use, all the features are free from a number of apps and programs, and the system is fair to all involved. It is not the 1% on the top making all the money, and 99% working as slaves to build another conglomeration. I hope you pay attention to what you are buying, and from whom you purchase ebooks. If you download the ebook as a trial, that is fine. If you buy books, look for the original ePUB format they are published in. Don’t let big business win at the expense of all the little people doing the majority of the work.

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